Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

An exclusive live course with hands-on coding, covering each advanced topic, implementing it throughly, and solving lots of coding problems asked in Online Assesments and Interviews of big product-based companies.

  •   Starting from December 03, 2022
  •   9:00 pm to 11:30 pm IST on Weekends
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  Do you find yourself not getting any intuition behind the solution?

  Do you find yourself feeling stuck everytime you look at a new problem?

Welcome to the Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms live course. This is a prime and intermediate to advanced level course aimed at providing an exclusive and top-notch learning experience. The course will cover entire Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms required for Competitive Programming and Software Engineering Interviews.
The program will have a blend of Live Classes happening on Weekends, 1:1 Mentorship Sessions, Teaching Assistant's Support and Assessments. The program is designed to be intense and crisp to accelerate learning.

What will you be offered as a part of this course?

Cool Goodies

You will get an exciting pack of goodies inside a Laptop Bag.

1:1 Mentorship

Live courses are a great way of connecting and mentoring. We will have eyes on each one of you.

Doubt Support (24x7)

Except our sleep 😜 and important meetings, we are always there for you to resolve your doubts instantly.

Strong Community

You will be surrounded by the people who are working at FAANG, other big MNCs, and startups.

Mock Interviews

You will be interviewed by the industry experts who are working in companies like Amazon, ShareChat, Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, etc


You will recieve certificate upon completion of the course. You will be able to download it from our website later.

About the course

Meet your Instructors

Time & Space Complexities of Challenging Problems I

Time & Space Complexities of Challenging Problems II

Solving Some Coding Problems

Practice Problems

Linear Recurrences and Matrix Exponentiation

Problems on Linear Recurrences and Matrix Exponentiation

Pigeonhole Principle

Problems on Pigeonhole Principle

Mathematical Expectation

Problems on Mathematical Expectation

Euclidian's Algorithm

Problems on Euclidian's Algorithm

Number Theory

Problems on Number Theory

Coding Problems

Practice Problems

Generate all possible Subsets of a Set

Largest Power of 2 which is less than or equal to the given number N

The Logic Game

Monster in a Grid

Chandan and Balanced Strings

Practice Problems

Introduction to Merge Intervals and its Applications

Insert Interval

Intervals Intersection

Conflicitng Appointments

Minimum Meeting Rooms

Maximum CPU Load

Employee Free Time

Practice Problems

Car Pooling

Plates Between Candles

Ways to Split Array Into Three Subarrays

Number of Flowers in Full Bloom

Shortest Subarray with Sum at Least K

Practice Problems

Permutation Swaps

Advance Problems on Minimum Spanning Trees

Johnson's Algorithm

DFS Tree and Backedges

Articulation Points and Bridges

Articulation Points and Bridges Code

Travelling Salesman Problem

Strongly Connected Components

Euler Tour

Re-rooting of Trees

Practice Problems

Naive Pattern Searching

KMP Algorithm

Rabin-Karp Algorithm

Boyer Moore Algorithm – Bad Character Heuristic

Boyer Moore Algorithm | Good Suffix Heuristic

Z Algorithm

Practice Problems

Concept of Suffix Array

Number of Distinct Substrings in a String

Number of Ways to Separate Numbers

Longest Common Subpath

Practice Problems

Introduction to Trie and its Applications

Trie Insertion and Search

Trie Deletion and Search

Count Number of Strings With Given Prefix

Design Search Autocomplete System

Number of Valid Words for Each Puzzle

Practice Problems

K-th Symbol in Grammar

Find the Winner of the Circular Game

Permutation Sequence

Word Square

Matchsticks to Square

N Queens-I


Sudoku Solver

Practice Problems

Introduction to Segment Tree and its Applications

Understanding its need and Range Queries

Operations on Segment Trees (Building, Query, Update)

Coding Problems

Lazy Propagation

Coding Problems

Practice Problems

Introduction to Fenwick Tree

Operations on Fenwick Tree (Building, Query, Update)

Coding Problems

Practice Problems

Prime Counters

N-K Ladders

Min Array Jumps

Longest Increasing Subsequence

Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray

Wiggle Subsequence

Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Cooldown

Maximum Length of Pair Chain

Knight Dialer

Minimum Cost For Tickets

Practice Problems

Longest Common Subsequence

Longest Palindromic Subsequence

Alphabetical Strong Password

0-1 Knapsack Problem

Subset Sum

Equal Sum Partition

Minimum Subset Sum Difference

Unbounded Knapsack

Coin Change

Matrix Chain Multiplication

Scrambled String

Egg Dropping Problem

Practice Problems

House Robber III

Maximum Sum BST in Binary Tree

Unique Binary Search Trees II

Maximum Product of Splitted Binary Tree

Parallel Courses II

Minimum Cost to Reach Destination in Time

Practice Problems

Minimum Path Sum

Kth Smallest Instructions

Dungeon Game

Number of Ways to Paint N × 3 Grid

Cherry Pickup

Cherry Pickup II

Maximum Non Negative Product in a Matrix

Practice Problems

Mock Interview with Industry Experts

You should be first comfortable with one programming language and we expect you to have a decent coding experience with all basic Data Structures and Algorithms.

- The course is live with 1:1 interaction.
- We have TA support (24x7) for your doubts.
- This is a complete package to crack product-based companies.
- You will get a chance to get a referral from our Alumni network.
- This is a complete hands-on coding course and not just theory.

We have Doubt Support for resolving your doubts. So, In case if you miss any class, you can approach your respective TA and get your doubts resolved. If the doubt is still not resolved, then your instructors will be there for you. There will be no recordings available.

Once you are enrolled in the course, you can attend the first two classes and decide whether you want to continue with the course or not. The fees is refundable only if you decide to leave the course in first two classes.

Yes, you can! This course is flexible and designed for weekends.

Yes, you will get a certificate.

These classes will happen on Zoom.

We will be providing the code in three languages i.e. C++, Java, and Python.

Course Details
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₹ 8999/-

₹ 14999/-

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  •   Starting from December 03, 2022
  •   9:00 pm to 11:30 pm IST on Weekends
  •   80+ Hours of Live Teaching
  •   Intermediate to Advanced
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Meet your Instructor

Aakash is a passionate teacher and a great problem-solver. Currently, he is working with ShareChat as a Software Engineer and founded Innoskrit. He is an expert in Data Structures and Algorithms and known for his amazing teaching style that makes everyone fall in love with coding. He has taught more than 5000 students from different cities and colleges. He mainly prepare students for coding interviews and CSF rounds.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

An exclusive live course with hands-on coding, covering each advanced topic, implementing it throughly, and solving lots of coding problems asked in Online Assesments and Interviews of big product-based companies.

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